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Red Zone Fandom specializes in event photography, covering fan events and conventions as well as working in other areas of photography. We show our support for events and causes through photography, working with such diverse groups as Fandemonium, Tomodachi Fest, Anime Oasis, Gem State Gaming Convention, Gem State Costumers Guild, the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Idaho and numerous fan and community organizations.

We also work more conventional areas of photography, such as parties, weddings, team and family pictures, senior pictures, portfolio pictures and head shots. We strive to feature content local to the great state of Idaho, where Fandom needs more voices.

Embroidery & Costume Arts

Red Zone Fandom does not limit its artistic vision to photography alone, we also produce custom and commissioned embroidery (including digitizing patterns) and create costume pieces that we sell at local events and through commissions. Click Here to visit our shop (The Shop @ TimBoothby.com) or here on facebook or scroll down to the bottom of the page to see posts from our facebook and instagram feeds.

Boise Area Cosplay Photo Shoots

The Red Zone plans six Cosplay Photo shoots each year and we often participate in those planned by fan groups, we do this to provide a reason for cosplayers to work on ideas year-round and helps them build up a collection of ideas, cosplays and pieces so future cosplays are easier to assemble.

Additionally, many cosplays debut at photoshoots, this allows the cosplayer to see how it looks on camera and, perhaps more importantly, to see how it works in real world conditions.

It provides cosplayers and even photographers opportunities throughout the year to work on modeling and camera skills, and to get feedback and tips from their peers and those that enjoy seeing the work done on both ends of the lens.

Have an event you want covered in the Boise area? Drop us a line and we'll talk.

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A preview of Embroidery Projects from our facebook & instagram feeds

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