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Tomodachi Fest 2015 – Roaming and Events

Back again at Tomodachi Fest for another great event, loaded with enthusiasm, creativity and amazing cosplayers! This Gallery has roaming shots, opening ceremonies, Leah Clark’s meet and greet (joined by Chris Rager, including the infamous cracker and jelly bean incident,) the Batsu Games and closing ceremonies.

Note 1 – Jamie mentioned that she was going to the Batsu Games, Tim did the meanest thing that he could, he sent her with the oldest camera that he had, with no time to get familiar with said camera, then slapped a flash on top of it with the rudimentary instruction to keep the flash pointed at the ceiling, and how to turn it on and off. And if that wasn’t mean enough, the Main Event Room at the hotel is one of the hardest to get properly lit pictures in, especially with a camera set on AUTO. So, Tim actually put Jamie through her own version of the Batsu Games. Bad Tim! Bad! Well done, Jamie! 🙂

Note 2 – Never make a bet with Chris Rager, this includes betting that he can’t eat 6 crackers in under a minute. He can. He makes it look easy.

Note 3 – If you make a bet with Chris Rager, when you lose you’re liable to have to do something like eat a nasy jelly bean. In this case the flavor was apparently cut grass. Leah Clark did pay up, or eat up, and judging by her expression, she didn’t quite enjoy it.


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