Tim Boothby is the Red Zone Photographer

New Studio Space and Light Testing – Phase 1

We decided that our old portrait space was inadequate, so we decided to completely revamp the room we used mainly for Kim’s sewing and craft work and add a photo studio as well. That meant a top to bottom remodel, as you can imagine. Cabinets for better storage, a new floor, a rail system and a pair of rods for backdrops and when we were “done” it was time to light test. That’s the process of figuring out how light works in the room at different times of the day and night and how the lights themselves work with everything. This was phase one of testing, we shoot after sunset with just studio lights. There’ll be a few more lights added and a few new backdrops as well, so work continues, but as of right now it is functional, and will keep getting tweaked.

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