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Arielle & Phillip – Two to Tango – Part 2

I’ve taken a lot of pictures of people dancing, father/daughter dances at weddings, the first dance of a married couple, the guests dancing at the receptions, not to mention people at various dances we’ve covered over the years. Now I finally had the chance to work with a pair of no kidding dancers, and it was a blast. Talk about knowing their poses! 🙂

I don’t like heavy-handed photoshop work; I like pictures to look like they do for a reason, to fit a style or era preferred. So, most are color and light corrected, perhaps with a touch of vignette. Many have a a subdued color palette reminiscent of old color film stock. You’ll see sepia quite a bit as it was found in many old images as well. I also used a few instances of more artistic looks, print on canvass, smudge-painted looks, and even a bit of posterized effects. You’ll see a good amount of B&W with color left to set off the dress and catch the eye, a lot of people think this is a dated and hokey look, feel free to join me in mocking them. There are also higher definition B&W shots, giving a have the look of an old movie. I also played with a very aged look, perhaps jazz-age or prohibition era in feel and finally a look that feels like very old plate photography. I also added a hint of color back to older-looking shots, as in the past you’d occasionally see photographs retouched by hand with watercolors to add a hint of color, which seemed to fit nicely with their costumes and the old-style formality of their poses.

The key is that I’ve tried to tie in the various effects, filters and other photoshop work to fit the timeless style of their dance, the Tango, ranging from the modern through the jazz age and even further back.


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