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Studio Testing 8

Over time gear wears out, software goes out of date or changes effect usability, and new and better things come along. This is where we found ourselves and found it time to do a major overhaul, to do that we asked for volunteers to help us duplicate a convention as we shot in our home studio, and in these 11 posts you’ll find the fruits of our labor.

The tethering software we used in the photo room worked fine, but when the newest version came out that only works with our newest camera, it was only capable of a fraction of what past versions could do. So, the first thing we tested was new tethering software, which is a bit slower, but does a great job otherwise, this gave us a chance to test it under the same pace as we take pictures at a convention, and figure out the tricks to make it work most effectively.

We were also testing new tethering cables and a lock block to keep it from being yanked out of the camera, both worked great! We’ve also replaced our CFL lighting with LED lighting, and we needed to see what effect, if any, that had on color in the shots and other factors. They actually are more color-true than our old lights, and make post editing a bit easier. Then, part way through processing pictures, Photoshop dropped a new version one me, so I had to see what had changed and if it was going to be a good change. So far, a very good update, especially the improvements to context-aware fill.

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