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The Always And We Mean ALWAYS Updating Photo Shoot Schedule

The Lonely Mountain - 0772a

Tim with cosplayer and model Caroline from “The Lonely Mountain” photo shoot, December 2014

In addition to the Conventions and Events listed below, we set up 6 cosplay shoots a year–in the even-numbered months–to help publicize and hopefully help grow fandom in Southwest Idaho…then the world! *sinister laugh*

  • ++ – Gem State Gaming Convention – July 20th- 22nd, Wyndham Garden Boise Airport, 3 days event with gaming-related cosplay contest, a portion of each 3-day pass goes to alzheimers research! [See Facebook Page Here]
  • RZ – August 5th, 2018 Catch ’em All Photo Shoot (Sunday, Kristin Armstrong Municipal Park, 1pm-3pm) [See Facebook Event Here]
  • RZ – October 2018 Photo Shoot (Saturday, Details Pending)
  • RZ – December 2018 Photo Shoot (Sunday, Details Pending)

—- Means we’re there to hang out and take pictures at something.
++ Means I am the event photographer, pictures taken at no cost to paid attendees.
RZ Means photoshoots that I’ve planned and are open to all, there is no charge for cosplayers to have pictures taken.

*NOTE* Unless specified, all “RZ” Photo Shoots on this schedule are kid friendly!

Ideas being Considered or Developed

  • Cosplay in the Arts – Start with Hamlet
  • Move Posters – Posters for movies that will never be made, but should!
  • Old Action Serials Pin-Up – Characters from old series like Flash Gordon.
  • Disney Pin-Up Photo Shoot – Disney characters in pinup (cheesecake & beefcake) poses.
  • Morticia, Lilly, Elvira Photo Shoot
  • Zombie Pin-Up
  • Nick at Nite style pinup, pinup shots of characters from old tv shows.
  • Macabre Tea Party: (Jen S Idea) sinister looking tea pots, eyelets and limbless dolls, tea that looks like blood, etc.
  • Several Behind the Scenes Photo Shoots

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2 Responses to The Always And We Mean ALWAYS Updating Photo Shoot Schedule

  1. Anya Silverfur says:

    I would like to consider a photo shoot at the MK Nature Center near Downtown Boise, preferably in the Spring or early Summer.

    I do need to get in contact with the center, to see if our costumed selves would be okay there.

  2. Tim Boothby says:

    Suggestions made by Eddie Hall:

    Untouchables/Gangsters n gals at the Crazy Horse
    Ninja/Kung Fu theater at Kathryn Albertsons
    Space Marines vs Aliens at Wazoo’s

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