Tim Boothby is the Red Zone Photographer

Danielle Corsetto – Slingshot Across America

Danielle Corsetto is the creator, artist and entrepreneur behind Girls with Slingshots (or click here to find GWS on facebook) and to celebrate 10 years of GWS, she’s making a cross-country tour, or Slingshot Across America. Boise was privileged with a stop on the tour at the Rediscovered Bookshop. She opened with a half hour of Q&A that was entertaining and very informative, explaining the business behind the art and the art behind the business and how there isn’t one without the other. She then had a signing session of her books and posters and took the time to not only sign and do a little sketch in each book, she spend a few moments talking to her fans. Obviously a people person, this was a night you didn’t want to miss.

(All photojournalism shots as this was event photography, so no photoshopping, just a few crops, frame and upload.)

© 2014, Tim Boothby. All rights reserved.

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