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MDA Summer Camp 2014: Color War

As everyone may have guessed by now, Kim & I had a great time at last year’s MDA Idaho Summer Camp dance, so you can imagine how stoked we were to get the chance to go again this year. The energy is amazing and people are having a great time and although it makes for a long day, it is well worth it!

So, first to explain the featured immage: Lets have Mr Peabody dial back the Wayback Machine to Fandemonium 2014, we apply the proceeds of picture sales at Fandemonium toward giving each of the campers a free 4×6″ print of themselves or their group as a memento of their camp experience.

So, back to the present, Sherman! Toward the end of the evening, while Kim is printing pictures for someone, this young lady came up and said something, and those that know me realize I worked jet engines for a lot of years, so my hearing can be a bit tricky, especially when the backdrop is just off the dance floor, and I thought she was asking for me to take her picture. So I motioned for her to step up and she shook her head and I thought she asked to take a picture of me with my camera. No, she wanted a picture with me.

This is out of the ordinary. I may be wrong but I don’t think anyone has specifically asked for a shot with me in the photo room before. So, I called to Kim that I needed her to take a picture, which confused her, then I said that the young lady wanted a picture with me, which didn’t really clear up her confusion, but since a picture was printing anyway, she hopped up and snapped this shot (and a few others that I’ll share when I process all of the shots.)

It was a great evening, and if we’re invited back we’re already saying yes!

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