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Fandemonium Day 1 – Part 1

This was our sixth year at Fandemonium, a string of attendance that dates back to meeting a guy called Borneo in the coffee shop at a Fred Meyers in Boise. We talked gaming and Doctor Who and general geekery and then we moved on to conventions.

I went to my first convention at Gen Con in the early 80s and the last con I went to I don’t even remember its name. I was headed home with a maintenance team and our base was socked in with thunderstorms and we were diverted to Oklahoma City, and the hotel they put us up in had a convention going. I rode the elevator up between a Klingon and a wizard, I was sweaty and my uniform was covered in grease and reeked of jet fuel and those two looked at me like I was nuts.

To get back on subject, I’ve seen conventions grow and become less about fans and more about money. So, Borneo looks at me and tells me that he has something called Fandemonium that I need to check out. I did. I’ve been back every year (and every event) since.

So, on to the pictures!

Note: I saved the final images in a high color format, wordpress does not save thumbnails in this format so their color is muted in thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail to see it in full color.

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