Tim Boothby is the Red Zone Photographer

Jen and Liz – A Walk in the Park.

So I was sitting there one evening, processing pictures, when it dawned on me that I have only had mass shoots for as long as I can remember. Bear in mind my memory isn’t great, but its been mostly been studio work for crowds for a while. So, I also realized I haven’t done a shoot at Kathryn Albertson Park for a long time, and I have one coming up soon, so I needed to scout the location. Being stir-crazy while Kim is out of town, as I usually am, I decided to do a little scouting, a lot of cosplay shooting with only a couple of models, and then try a few things in the post production while I was at it. So, lots of experimentation too. It was a very refreshing working break with Jen and Liz! 🙂


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