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Behind the Scenes – Liz

Behind the Scenes is a series of cosplay shoots that starts with the model in street clothes (normie attire) and shows the process of getting into character, including clothes, hair and makeup. All shots rated G, and safe for work, of course.

Watch as Liz transforms into OC Assassin, Morrigan from Dragon Age and Homura from Madoka. Liz is a cosplayer that makes most, if not all, of the pieces of her costumes.

[Note: Yes, I put the wrong year in the file names, it should read 2014.]

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2 Responses to Behind the Scenes – Liz

  1. Phasodyne says:

    Awesome shots! So how come you get to work with all of the gorgeous models?

  2. Tim Boothby says:

    I take pictures of everyone that steps in front of the camera, there’s just more females than males in the cosplay community that come to photo shoots.

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