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Fan Photography

Steam Punk at the Capitol Photo Shoot - 0441d

Steam Punk at the Capitol Photo Shoot

A fan photographer photographs fans being fans, this means cosplay shoots, conventions, renaissance faires, club meetings, parties and everywhere else you can think of where fans gather to celebrate their fandom.

Simply stated, A fan photographer is a fan and a photographer that photographs fans at events to help publicize events so that people who go to these events can relive the fun, and show people who didn’t go what they missed.

Its going to casual photo shoots and taking pictures of cosplayers to let them show off their skills and to let people know that things like cosplay exist and some really cool people have fun showing off their creativity.

There are way too many negative portrayals of fans out there and somebody has to show that fans are just people having fun. To show that a good anime cosplay, a fursuit or steampunk garb is no more unusual (probably less unusual) than a shirtless Packer’s fan painted green and yellow and wearing a cheese head hat in the middle of December at frozen Lambeau Field.

Have a fan event that needs a photographer? Email Tim at fanstaff@redzonefandom.com or leave a comment below with the details and he’ll see what he can do. We can’t promise we can cover everything, but we can see what our schedule allows. 🙂

4 Responses to Fan Photography

  1. Tyler Durden says:

    So you do charge or you don’t charge? What do you base that on?

    • Tim Boothby says:

      The Answer is YES! I donate my time to many events and cosplay shoots to support things I believe in; and yes, I also do pay shoots, and yes I’ll continue to do both.

  2. Tyler Durden says:

    Is there alot of competition for what you do?

    • Tim Boothby says:

      Interesting, I get this question quite a bit. The simple answer is no, no real competition at all. The longer version is also no, but comes with an explanation.

      • If you mean business-wise, then no. I have no intention of causing myself the stress and anxiety that I see among starting professional photographers or investing my time and money into a business model (for those that actually have one) with an 85% failure rate.
      • If you mean the cosplay photo shoots, none at all. Those that shoot for pay want no part of working from 5-12 hours for no financial compensation while shooting a thousand or more pictures. There are others that like to take pictures at these events and there’s no competition there, in fact we talk cameras and give each other ideas and point out interesting spots and angles to each other. It’s a fun and easygoing sort of feel that I REALLY enjoy and if I didn’t show up to these there would still be people there taking pictures of what was going on.
      • If you mean conventions, still not so much. I’ve never asked to shoot at a con, I paid my way in and took pictures on my own. I’ve also never asked to run a photo room, I’ve been asked by six conventions to do it because they know me and I know the financial strains they are under to just keep the even afloat. There’s the rumor that I do these events for “free” which is pretty misleading. Some do pay, just not my full rate, we do a little horsetrading and figure out what works. I am comped admission, I get a fair amount of con perqs and people can buy prints of the shots I take of them, in that I’m fairly consistent with what I hear from others that shoot at conventions. Where I’m different is that people can see the pictures I take without paying anything.
      • If you mean other types of photography; still, no. I don’t do things like weddings, boudoir or glamour photography, landscapes, architecture and I don’t shoot nudes, and; most importantly, I don’t hustle work. I’ve been asked to take family shots and portraits and senior pictures and I have no problem doing these, but I mainly like taking pictures of fans doing fan things, partly to take the pictures, partly to publicize these things, and partly to give visual support to articles I write. Lest we forget, I run websites that support and publicize fans and what they do and the bulk of the pictures I take support this.

      So no, I don’t have competition.

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