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tim down

Kim caught this shot of me at work during a photo shoot. Don’t let the cane fool you, I do all sorts of crazy stuff to get the shots I want.

A summary of who I am… husband, father, grandfather, disabled veteran, military retiree, fan of many genres, writer and photographer.

Photography is something that has always interested me, especially as it keeps me behind the camera where I belong. I have a face for radio and a voice for print. Years ago I was a student journalist on my school’s newspaper and yearbook, it drove me nuts trying to get the pictures that I wanted in the format that I needed to place in my layouts, so I took the photography class so that I could write my article, lay out the page and then get the shots as I wanted them. I had mixed feelings about film photography, I liked taking the shots but I wasn’t a fan of the darkroom process. Then, digital came along and the camera prices dropped as quality improved, digital and I get along really well because it’s far more versatile. You are very unlikely to ever see me with a film camera in my hands ever again.

Raeven and Dillion

This was a fun pair of shots, in the upper part of the picture I teased the bride and got the shot as she cracked up. She asked to see the shot after I took it and Kim caught the moment when I showed it to Raeven and Dillion. I like weddings that are a joyful gathering of friends and family and this was one of those times, one of my most enjoyable days behind the camera.

IMG_2102a_3aOur photographers: (L to R)
Krystal (Assistant Photographer & Photo Assistant)
Tim (Head Photographer & Photo Editor)
Kim (Photographer and Operations)

I’ve found that the key to improving as a photographer isn’t to get the best camera and start taking shots, the key is to get a fairly basic camera and learn to take good pictures with it. I worked for a few years with a bare-bones Canon Rebel and basically wore the poor thing out before upgrading to a Canon 7D as my primary camera.

You can see more of my shots here in the Red Zone Galleries and on FaceBook. Generally, I’ve always tried to take a minimum of 1,000 usable shots in a 3-day convention, and at least 200 during a one day event; (depending on how many people are there, and how long it lasts.) This means there’s a lot to see in the galleries because lately I’ve taken between 500-2000 shots at 5-8 hour shoots and over 5,000 over 4 days at Anime Oasis SP in 2017.


Sometimes I shoot artistic stuff, but even in the example below my geek roots show. All I can think of when I see that flower is “Seymour! FEED ME!” If you didn’t get the Little Shop of Horrors reference, it saddens me.


“…Feed me, Seymour…”

For me, photography comes from journalism rather than an artistic background, so my focus is mostly on faithfully capturing people and events in action; but, as requests for different types of events have come I’ve shifted to add more artistic shots to my repertoire. I’ve essentially become looser and more directive in planned shoots. People are there to pose, not be captured doing what they do in everyday life. I still approach photography with an eye to layout and composition, and take a lot of my shots with layout in mind.

Fandemonium 2013 - 0308a1

Fandemonium 2013

(yes, the background on the image above was photoshopped in behind the amazing model; see, artistic!)

Yes, you really can be both looser and more directive at once, its actually not too hard. I still treat my shots in the journalistic style in regards to post processing–very little–but, I’m treating photo shoots more artistically by directing poses and action. Before I was strictly a recorder of events, and now I also help guide things along.

Silent Hill Photo Shoot 2013 - 0237a

This is a highly processed shot of Kim from the Silent Hill Photo Shoot in 2013

Photo Shoot Ideas - 0313a

A group shot with me surrounded by cosplayers at Bogus Basin, in was cold and snowing as a blizzard picked up steam on us. Notice that cosplayers are tougher that photographers, compare how we’re dressed.

Fan Photography is very rewarding, it lets me share the creativity of others with the world, and it gives me the opportunity to help publicize fan events and try to grow the events and genres I support.

Krystal as Regina

Krystal works in front of the camera and behind it as well, here she’s cosplaying Regina from Once Upon a Time

Its something I went into knowing I’d never reap financial rewards; but’ I’m fine with that. If you want to learn more about what a fan photographer is, click here to read my article on the subject.

Anime Oasis - 2014 - Day 1 - 0633

Anime Oasis – 2014 – Day 1

(Yes, the shot above was done “in camera,” no FX. Does that make the shot artistically journalistic?)

Over the past few years I’ve provided full mobile photo studio services to Fandemonium, Tomodachi Fest, Anime Oasis, FurIdaho and BBC Fest, along with roaming photo shoots, weddings and senior pictures. You can also keep up with where I’ll be taking pix on the Red Zone and the Red Zone Facebook page.



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  1. Tyler Durden says:

    You worked 23 years to support what you do now? Can we get some detail?

  2. Tim Boothby says:

    I was in the Air Force for 23 years, that didn’t position me to be able to do what I wanted it actually left me disabled and unemployable, so I am mostly funded by a combination of military retirement and VA disability. Yes, that makes for a very small budget! lol

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