Animatics Cosplay Workshop

For those those unenlightened to the ways of the little big city in Idaho, yes there are Anime Fans in Boise, Idaho.  Sunday night there were fans, anime discussions, costumes and even some dancing as the Animatics membership gathered to tweak costumes and share ideas for next month’s Anime Oasis convention.  Animatics has returned ‘home’ as their meetings will be held at All About Games (7079 W Overland Rd, Boise.)

Northwest Anime Fandom is moving into busy times, Anime Oasis, Sakura Con and Fandemonium are looming on the horizon and workshops like this allow fans to share skills and ideas to help each other make those final adjustments and trade talents toward great costuming.

This was also Red Zone’s opportunity to put the new Canon Rebel to the test and shoot an insane number of pictures to check out not only it’s performance but to try out the insane number of settings that picking up a camera from the 21st century allows us.  Thanks to all for their patience.  Those interested can find 300+ pics of all of this playing in the gallery.

Those in the Boise area interested in Animatics and the Middle of Nowhere Anime Club (MoNAC) can find them on FaceBook and we’ll try and list all of their events in the Red Zone Calender in the Forums.


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