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Contact Us

The Most common way people reach us is through facebook, just click the icon Above!

You can email us by clinking the icon below

Click here to Email the Red Zone

Finally, you can call or text us, be prepared to leave a message as phone spam is a thing these days.

Reach us at 208-599-1700

A self-portrait, I’ve made a lot of upgrades to my gear over the years and I was testing things out. This shot was me playing with wireless flash and remote shutter release while tethered to a laptop so I could preview the shots as I took them. So, not a traditional “selfie.”

Nothing is more exciting to me than creativity, and most of my work is with unconventional and very creative people. Together we have a lot of fun capturing and sharing this energy. I can do the conventional; but, I really like to work with people who want to kick things up a notch when I can.

I like people and I have a lot of fun working with the nervous and camera-shy and I believe in taking the time to make sure you’re comfortable in front of the camera.

My primary focus has been event photography, as you can see from the galleries. I am the event photographer for many local conventions (Fandemonium, Tomodachi Fest, Anime Oasis, FurIdaho, Gem State Gaming Convention, Boise’s Library Comic Con, and BBC Fest) and have provided photo room, roaming and dance coverage for these awesome conventions. I’ve also worked with the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Idaho and will continue to support this wonderful organization in any way I can.

I use a wide range of photographic styles and have applied them to weddings, portraits, senior pictures. When I’m done even my pin-up pictures are safe to show your grandmother. 🙂